Marx Wetlands LLC is licensed as a Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) and provides our clients with expertise in wetland delineations and on-site habitat assessments. We will conduct a preliminary review of a site, locate any wetland areas, and place flagging tape at intervals along the wetland boundaries.  These locations can then be surveyed to provide a site drawing for your planning and site design use. Marx Wetlands collects necessary data based on the site visit and provides any required documentation.  

Wetland Delineations
Wetland Permitting Assistance
Marx Wetlands LLC will work with clients to obtain the necessary wetland and inland lake and stream permits from federal, state and local governments.  We have detailed knowledge of these processes to afford clients with the access to promote timely responses from these agencies.
Wetland Mitigation Design & Monitoring
Several municipalities throughout Michigan require tree serveys for sites proposed for development.  have begun to require tree surveys on property to be developed. Marx Wetlands LLC is certified by the International society of Arboriculture as an Arborist with the necessary expertise to complete these surveys and conduct tree health and risk assessments.
Tree Surveys
Marx Wetlands LLC will assist your engineer with designing wetland mitigation areas, observing their construction, and providing the five year monitoring required by the state and/or local municipalities.
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Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control (SESC) Monitoring
Soil erosion and sedimentation control (SESC) monitoring is typically required for soil/earth disturbances that are 1 (one) acre in size or larger or within 500 feet of a water body (i.e. stream, creek, pond, watercourse and/or wetland). County and state permitting may also be required.  Marx Wetlands LLC is certified through the State of Michigan to conduct SESC inspections and provides expertise to complete the inspections necesary for approval and compliance.

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