Marx Wetlands LLC will collect the available information about a site and then go on-site and locate all wetland areas, and place flagging tape at intervals along the wetland boundaries.  These locations will then be surveyed to provide a site drawing for your planning and site design use.

Wetland Delineations
Wetland Permitting Assistance
Marx Wetlands LLC will work with clients to obtain the necessary wetland and inland lake and stream permits from federal, state and local governments.  We have detailed knowledge of these processes to afford clients with the access to promote timely responses from these agencies.
Wetland Mitigation Design & Monitoring
Many municipalities have begun to require tree surveys on property to be developed. Marx Wetlands LLC can provide the necessary expertise to complete these surveys as well as the necessary documentation.
Tree Surveys
Bird Surveys
Marx Wetlands LLC will assist your engineer with designing wetland mitigation areas, observing their construction, and providing the five year monitoring required by the state.
Bird population surveys have begun to be required for large scale projects such as wind farms and mining projects as part of their environmental impact surveys.  Marx Wetlands LLC can provide the expertise to complete these surveys and the necessary documentarion.
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