Wetland Professional Scientist
 (PWS) Certification #2949
Society of Wetland Scientists 

ISA Certified Arborist
Certification # MI-4240A

Certified Storm Water
Management Operator
Certificate # C-17486

38-Hour Army Corps of
Engineers Wetland Delineation
Training 2012-2013

Commercial Pesticide
Applicatior's License-2012

Bryana J Guevara has over 10 years of experience in a variety of ecological and environmental services. Prior to partnering with Marx Wetlands LLC, worked at other consulting firms as a field lead, environmental consultant, and land development specialist. 

She is recognized as a Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) #2949 through the Society of Wetland Scientists Professional certification program and a certified ISA Arborist #: MI-4240A with field experience in more than 30 local municipalities throughout Michigan. In addition, Bryana J Guevara is currently certified through the State of Michigan as a Storm Water Management Operator and has conducted soil erosion and sedimentation control (SESC) monitoring for numerous construction sites associated with large-scale wind energy facilities and small residential sites, and provided recommendations on soil erosion control measures to minimize impacts to water resources. 

Bryana Guevara specializes in wetland determination and delineation, wetland mitigation monitoring, woodland habitat assessments, tree surveys, botanical surveys, threatened and endangered species habitat assessments, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) and U.S. Army Corps of Enginers (USACE) permit application assistance, storm water and soil erosion monitoring.

Her experience includes projects ranging from single-family parcel developments, to planned multi-residential communities, large-scale wind-energy, electric transmission line, and pipeline projects. Most of these projects included site & habitat assessments, plant inventories, determination of hydrological indicators, identification of on-site soils conditions, historical site reviews (i.e. topographic and aerial photography interpretation), the flagging of wetland boundaries, determination of wetland regulation, and the preparation of wetland habitat and delineation reports and permits. Including projects involved remote sensing techniques and GIS technologies. Bryana has assisted many aspects of wetland-related projects including coordinating field work, monitoring on-site construction activities, project coordination, and MDEQ liaison.

Prior to her consulting career, Bryana worked as a seasonal restoration ecologist with the University of Michigan’s Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum and duties included herbicidal application, invasive species removal, site and plant assessments, and native plant seed collections. Bryana also worked as a botany technician for the United States Forest Service (USFS) in the Huron National Forest where she conducted plant surveys for invasive species and RSFS (rare sensitive forest species) for proposed recreational development projects and participated in state-wide censuses of Michigan’s endangered Kirtland’s warbler and state concern species Massasauga rattlesnake.

Dr. Marx has received a B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in natural resources fields from MSU and U of M. He worked for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and its successor agency, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for 22 years. The first 10 years working in environmental enforcement matters, Gary specialized in groundwater contamination, solid waste management, and water pollution issues. The following 12 years, Gary served as a District Supervisor for the Land and Water Management Division, in charge of administering the state wetlands statute for an 8 County area in central Michigan. As field supervisor with the DEQ Land and Water Management Division, he was responsible for the administration of the state wetlands regulatory process, as well as statutes covering floodplains, and lakes and streams, and the review of thousands of permits. This administration included extensive work with permitting, wetland delineations, conducting numerous public hearings, and providing expert witness testimony in numerous State administrative hearings and circuit courts. During his time at the DNR/DEQ, he was an assistant professor at the University of Michigan/Flint teaching courses in wetlands and water resources issues.  

Dr. Marx formed Marx Wetlands LLC in December 2007 after working for seven years as a principal at a local wetland firm. As a wetland consultant, he assisted with wetland permitting, design of wetland mitigation projects and monitoring the success of these projects. 

Plant Ecology
Michigan State University

Master of Science
Natural Resources Policy and Administration
University of Michigan

Bacheler of Science
Wildlife Ecology Michigan State University

-Local, State & Federal Permitting
-NEPA Compliance/EA/EIS Preparation
-Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys
-Wetland Determination & Delineation
-Vegetation & Wildlife Habitat Assessments
-Wetland Mitigation Monitoring
-Tree and Botanical Surveys
-Tree Risk Assessment and Preservation
-Wetland Mitigation Planning
-Natural Rivers Program
-Critical Dune Restoration
-Hydric Soils
-Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

SafeLand USA Training (Oil and gas-pipeline safety)
First Aid/CPR​

Bachelor of Science
Environmental Science 
Minor in Earth Sciences & Geology
   terrestrial conservation 
   ecological restoration​
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Adjunct Assistant Professor Department of Earth and Resource Science
University of MIchigan-Flint

Certified Storm Water Management Operator Certificate # C-17415


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